About Us


A few words about Us

SwifTrading Inc. is a new, steadily developing capital management and online money investment service provider. In 2003 we officially registered the SwifTrading company in the US & Canada and started providing investment services for private and corporate investors. Today the amount of assets managed by our company is already over $4.5 billion and the capital keeps growing with the speed of approximately $40-50 million a week. We are currently collaborating with about 100,000 clients and opening 90-100 new investment accounts daily. We cooperate with many large successful businesses worldwide assisting them in establishing long-term financial security. Among the clients of SwifTrading Inc. representing the international market are the major institutional investors, private banks, family offices. The maximum reliability rate is not the only proof of our trustworthiness and quality of the services provided by it. In 2015, SwifTrading Inc. started offering investment services online and to the general public.

We always offer the best investment packages and strive for the maintenance of a good level of customers service.

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Our Vision

Our goal is to exponentially maximize our investors return and minimize any potential loss by applying  strategized principles in a disciplined process. We rely on facts, not speculation to purchase high return, predictable investments at significant discounts.


Easy Trade

We offer the best trading platform on the market. It easy to signup and stress free too. Open an account and to see for yourself!


Express Cashout

Emergencies? Bills? Problems? No problem. We realize that life is full of uncertainties, hence, We provide express trading withdrawal and cashout options! No delays in order executions and lags in user interface. Give it a try.



We are dedicated to providing a professional investment service of the highest quality, We also offer the best investment packages and strive for the maintenance of a good level of customers' service.